Sunday, November 10, 2013

This is a guide on how to use wDetector 3.24

I've translated almost the entire thing to English, and took off the password protection so now anyone can use it.

First, download wLauncher. It's a Korean Starcraft launcher with lots of cool plugins, including wDetector. I've packed it up for you, all nice and ready.

Note:  Some anti-virus programs may pick up my "English Patch + Unlocker" as malicious. I wrote it in AutoIt, and AV's always pickup those things.

Wiki: "While AutoIt applications do occasionally receive a false positive report for virus scanners, this is typically because AutoIt applications are compressed executables, and not necessarily because they carry a malware payload.

Unpack wLauncher and run it. It looks like this. Click the third tab to set your plugins.

There are additional options in the fourth tab as well. That's where you can set your Starcraft directory path, if it's not correct. You can also edit gateways there, and choose from some color fixes for Starcraft.

Start Starcraft by pressing the green button, and then run the "English Patch + Unlock". It will say "Success" if everything worked.

Make sure wDetector is running, by joining a game or creating one of your own. It must be in multi-player (, but you can make it private.

If it worked, you will see this:

(note: this is not my account, so don't add this or whisper it, lol)

I'm only saying this because sometimes it doesn't unlock correctly, and you just need to restart Starcraft and re-patch it with the tool. You will know it didn't unlock if you don't see the time and date on the top, and it won't say "wDetector English 3.24" on the bottom right.

You're now ready to learn about the features of wDetector! Warning: lot's of pictures ahead  =)

When you connect to, it will put you in a channel and show this:

That's just an advertisement, which helps pay for wDetector. If you press F5, it will take you to a Korean clothing website or something similar. You can just ignore this, obviously.

OK, now let's get to the good stuff! When you're in a game lobby, you can view advanced lobby statistics. They make it easy to determine problems when trying to start a game, like lag, dropped players, host hack, and a lot more.

Lobby Statistics:

Use this lobby to see what's actually going on. It updates much faster than Starcraft's lobby, and you can see players joining and leaving much sooner than in the real lobby. Also, the host's name will be in red. I will explain what each column means:


The numbers next to each player is their PlayerID. Use the numpad to use these features:

Ctrl + PlayerID will copy their name; use Ctrl + V to paste it.
Alt + PlayerID will stats that player.
Windows key + PlayerID will squelch that player.


The next column shows what detector each player is using. 3.24 means that player is using wDetector 3.24.
It won't say anything if they don't have a detector. The only other ones I've seen besides wDetector are, Aqua launcher and Mini launcher.


The blue column shows each player's ping. This is very useful to determine who is lagging. Generally, anything over 400 is a problem, but you can expect most people to have between 50-250. If their ping is 0, then it's a good sign that there may be a connection issue, but it's not always the case.

The NAT after their ping means they're connected to a network.


The last column shows numbers based on each players connectivity. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure what they mean, but I can tell you what's good and bad. If the connection is good, players will have similar numbers displaying. They should all be green; if any numbers are red, then there's a problem. Another good rule of thumb is, the less numbers showing, the better.

*Download Status

The last column will display if the player does not have the map, or is downloading it. If it doesn't say anything, then the player already has the map. It also shows the next player waiting in line to download. I think the Chaos plugin will show 101 next to each player's download status to show that they have the map; I have that loaded in the screenshot.

Now it's time for hacker stuff!

When a game starts, wDetector will show you if any hacks were found within the first few seconds. It will show the player's name, PlayerID, and the hacks that were detected. After you get this message, press Numpad 9 to say to everyone that they are hacking.

I actually changed how often you can display this message, so you can hold down Numpad 9 to spam the entire screen with messages if you want  >: )

If no one was reported hacking within the first few seconds, it doesn't mean that someone isn't hacking (yet). There are a lot of different hacks, and not all of them are picked up so quickly. Sometimes you might get a message that someone is hacking halfway through a game. Or a drophack might only be detected when the hacker decides to do it. wDetector 3.24 currently detects over 70 different hacks!

Another awesome feature of wDetector is the ability to crash Oblivion users. Oblivion is a very popular hack-pack which includes many different hacks. If wDetector doesn't detect any of these hacks, you can still crash that person, and then you will know he was hacking.

At the start of a game, press the Numpad * key to crash any Oblivion users.

DO NOT control any of your units while it's working, or else you will drop from the game! It only takes a second or two.

In this screenshot, I have pressed the Numpad * key and it crashed WarMonger. Good riddance!

You will know that they were crashed because they'll immediately drop for the full 45 seconds after you pressed Numpad *. This is a good place to use another useful feature of wDetector.

You can remove the drop window by pressing Numpad -  (subtraction key)

So if anyone was crashed because of Oblivion, you can either leave the game before the window shows up, or you can remove the window and leave. This feature is very convenient for players who drop themselves on purpose to annoy you with a 45 second drop window, so you can leave the game.

As the screenshot shows, DO NOT control your units while you have an active drop window disabled. If you control them, they'll do what you told them to, after the drop window goes away, and this will be detected as multicommand to anyone with a detector (or BWHF).

You can, however, type while the drop window is disabled, so you could talk to other wDetector users or alert everyone that a person was crashed because of Oblivion. wDetector will not give you a message if someone was using Oblivion; they will just drop.

Next on the list of features, is a history log of every player you've played a game with! When a player joins your lobby, their history is automatically displayed. Use this to remember who has hacked in your games before!

Unfortunately, only hacks that were detected in game with a message, are recorded to the player's history. This means that, if you crash someone using Oblivion, or someone uses HostHack, it won't be recorded and displayed the next time they join a game you're in.

Speaking of HostHack...

No more 'waiting 20 seconds' only to figure out you've been HostHacked! As soon as someone kicks or bans you with HostHack, you will be alerted, so you can leave the lobby. wDetector can't stop HostHack, it just let's you know when someone is using it.

Note: There is a small false-positive with this. If a player loses connection in your lobby and drops (Player has dropped from the game), then there's a really small chance that you'll get a message saying someone HostHacked him. Just use common sense with this. If someone boots someone with HostHack to get a 3v3 going or something similar, then you know it's accurate. 90% of the time, it's accurate.

Summarizing , I want to cover a few more features of wDetector.

While in game, press Numpad + to open a chat log. Use PageUp and PageDown to scroll through the pages.

More features include:

If you can host, wDetector can automatically refresh your game room for you. This feature is on by default, and it will refresh every 5 seconds and display a message. Alternatively, you can turn off this feature by pressing Numpad + (addition sign). While off, you can press F5 to manually refresh the room. I like to keep it on however, so hackers will know you're using wDetector and will leave your game  =P

Remember the advanced lobby statistics? Yeah, you get them in game too.

Press Numpad .  (period/dot) to show a list of the players in game, along with connectivity stats. The dotted line separates the players by their team.

Beside their name, is the last 2 sections from their IP Address. I guess you could use this to figure out if someone has multiple accounts.

The next number is, again, their ping and NAT if they're on a network. Definitely use this in game to see who's lagging.

The next number in orange is pretty important for lag too. I'm not positive what it means but, the lower the better. It may differ from person to person, but I almost always see 1.2k as the lowest. For example, if there are 6 people in a game, and everyone has 1.2k, but one guy has 3k, then he's clearly lagging. This is also useful to determine what latency setting to use. If everyone has a low number, then I always keep it on Low Latency. If the entire game has like 2k, then High Latency may be needed.

The last numbers in purple, I do not understand. The only thing I can say about them, is that sometimes, they turn red, or green. I'm not sure what that means, and if it has anything to do with lag, then it's no matter. Just use the pings and the other numbers to determine who's lagging.

Below the list of players, it shows you the name of the game you're in, followed by the name of the map.

Similar to pressing Numpad . (period/dot), you can press Numpad 0 to display the players in your game. But instead of showing connectivity, it shows you their stats, and their win percent (in orange).

This screenshot was a bad example because both accounts have no stats, but you get the idea. This list also shows you who's using a detector, just like in the lobby. It will say the detector after the player's stats, like here it shows that I am using wDetector 3.24

If you made it this far, then I congratulate you on becoming a professional wDetector user! This took me a while to type up and take screenshots for, heh. And I worked on the English patch for a very long time  =(

 wDetector and wLauncher were both made by Won Soon-cheol, a Korean programmer and Starcraft enthusiast. I praise him for his excellent programs, and that's why I took the time to translate his work so more people could enjoy it. I don't claim to own anything except for the English Patch.